The Importance Of Mobile App Testing

It would be hard to meet someone nowadays that do not have a mobile device. Even children have access to mobile devices! Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets would be so boring without applications and programs. Think about it: can you imagine using your phone without your favorite application, whether it is a productivity tool or game? Regular folks like you and me are unaware about the time and effort it takes to develop an app. Check out to get started.

However, some apps are not widely used and unsuccessful.

Application developers know that in order to create a great, high quality app, the program should undergo proper testing. This includes testing the important elements: context, functionality, way of data entry, range of device, and multi-modality.

These are the characteristics of well-developed apps:

Simple and easy to use
If an app is simple and easy to use, the user will not spend a lot of time figuring out how the program works. An application that is difficult to use ends up being uninstalled. User with different skills and aptitude should be able to adapt and use the application with no to very little difficulty.

An app should have the ability to be synchronized or used across different devices.

Errors are logged
If the app has any errors, there should be an error log that will help the developers correct it immediately.

Suitable for target users
An app is usually created or developed based on the characteristics of the target users. If an app is specifically designed for children, it should be simple but also interesting, preferably with vibrant colors. Applications for business use should not have a cutesy design, instead it should contain valuable information and can be customized depending on how it wants to be used.

It is important to remember that developers are not the only ones responsible for the success of an app. Application testers also have a significant role in the success of an app. Testers will be responsible in testing different factors that influence the success of the app: user habit (preferential, situational, attitudinal), capabilities (user location detection, automatic orientation, et cetera), input and output (audio, visual).

It is important for testers to take these characteristics and aspects into consideration during the software testing. App testing is very important and should never be disregarded as this can help determine the success and profitability of an application.